Eco-Friendly Tools

Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of changing all your dyed-in-the-wool cooking habits to be better to the planet.
All it takes are a few easy shifts, grounded in these three principles.


Invest in durable, high-quality cook- and serveware you rarely need to replace

We founded Borough Kitchen on this very belief. Both our premium and best-of-value ranges are made to be used heavily and last for years and years.


Borough Kitchen Stasher Bags

Limit single-use items as much as possible

Think about the things you keep refilling in your kitchen—there’s a good chance we have a reusable alternative for that. Cling wrap, zip-top bags, aluminium, baking parchment, water bottles and straws, to name a few, can all be replaced with multi-use items you’ll probably like even more.



Borough Kitchen Eco Friendly Tools

Cook at home more, and transport what you cook and drink in secure containers.

Learn how to make bread, curries, stocks, pickles, and so much more from scratch at our cook school, and equip your kitchen with the tools you need to make easy work of it. You’ll end up buying lunch and packaged goods (see our article on DIY nut butters and nut milks) way less often.