Coravin Wine Access

Coravin Wine System

Coravin was born from the alliance of passion for wine with new technology. The Coravin system was invented so you can taste the wines you want, whenever you want. Using capsules made of argon gas gives wine lovers the opportunity to enjoy wine differently, enriching their knowledge and allowing them to share this with family and friends.

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Buyer's Guide

Coravin Wine System

We recommend that you keep your Coravin System in top condition with simple regular cleaning.

General Care

At the end of any day you use your Coravin, a light rinse with tap water down the spout will help flush any residual wine from the system. After the rinse, press the trigger to remove any water from inside the needle. IMPORTANT: Never submerge your Coravin System in liquid and never press the trigger while rinsing out the spout. For frequent users, clean the system by pouring a little white vinegar down the spout, press the trigger a few times and then rinse with tap water. Rinsing with hot water will yield optimal results.

Cleaning the Coravin System

We recommend doing a quick trigger press after each use of the Coravin System. If you do this with the Coravin System in the base, any excess wine inside the needle will spray onto the base, which can be wiped clean. Do not place any part of the Coravin System in the dishwasher.

Unclogging the Needle

If you have determined that your needle is clogged with cork particles, use the Needle Clearing Tool included with your Coravin System to unclog it. Unscrew the needle grip at the top of the needle to release it. Hold the Needle Clearing Tool by the handle and gently poke the tool through the eye of the needle to remove any cork particles. Always hold the needle by the needle grip. Insert the clearing tool into the top of the needle by the needle grip and slide it down to push any excess cork towards the eye of the needle. Poke the tool through the eye to the needle again to remove any last cork particles. Repeat until no cork is visible through the eye.

Coravin Capsules

The Coravin capsules contain argon, an inert gas which does not react with the wine and does not alter its taste. This is one of the seven natural gases present in the air we breathe. It is regularly used in the winemaking process. It is essential that you use only official Coravin capsules with your Coravin system. Use of capsules other than Coravin can result in injury to the user and others nearby and will also void the warranty of your Coravin system.