De Buyer Inocuivre Copper Cookware


De Buyer Inocuivre Copper Cookware

The De Buyer Inocuivre Copper Cookware range provides assurance of quality cooking. Copper cookware disperses heat quickly and evenly. The stainless steel interior replaces traditional tin to eliminate the need for re-tinning and makes cleaning a breeze.

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De Buyer Inocuivre Copper Cookware

Produced with a 90% copper exterior and a 10% stainless steel interior the pans are fashioned into a single-piece skirt and bottom. This creates a heating circuit so food cooks evenly. The pots and pans in this range feature ergonomically comfortable riveted handles in cast iron, are oven-safe and suitable for all hobs, except induction. We are also proud to carry a 5-piece set which is exclusive to Borough Kitchen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why cook with copper?

Copper is a material that exhibits fantastic thermal properties. As it is the best heat conductor and reacts quickly to temperature fluctuation, copper enables one to perfectly control the cooking process. Pans made of copper are ideal for reduction and delicate cooking.


My copper cookware is becoming dull. What should I do?

These pots and pans are to be hand washed and to prevent copper from dulling, we recommend that you use a copper cleaner from time-to-time to maintain the pans’ luster.


Can I use metal utensils with my copper pan?

Yes. The interior of the pans are lined with stainless steel which is durable and resists scratching. We carry a great range of stainless steel, wood and silicone cook’s tools for a variety of tasks.