Rösle specialises in the finest quality cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets designed for the professional chef and home cook. Made from strong, sleek and hygienic stainless steel and manufactured for high performance and comfort, Rösle products are guaranteed for a lifetime of use.

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For over 125 years, Rösle has been using German engineering to produce their range of cooking tools and kitchen utensils. Made from the highest grade 18/10 stainless steel, their products are attractive, hard wearing, hygienic, neutral to flavours and odours and easy-to-clean.

We carry a wide range of tools including colanders, mixing bowls, whisks, BBQ utensils and more. Rösle was the developer of the Open Kitchen concept, so we also offer wall storage rails and hooks so you can keep your tools close to hand.

Kitchen Tools and Serving Utensils

Rösle offers a wide array of stainless-steel tools including openers, peelers and cutting tools which are an essential part of any chef's kitchen. The tools feature either rounded hooks or watertight round handles with hanging rings for easy storage. We especially love both the non-stick and regular Stainless Steel Tongs that feature a patented locking mechanism so they take up less space when not in use.

Baking and Pastry Tools

Rösle pastry utensils are indispensable for any baker. The silicone pastry brushes, stainless steel pastry wheel and spatulas make baking easier and a lot more fun. One of our favourites is the deep Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl which has a pouring rim and is attractive enough for serving food at the table.

Whisks and Cooking Spoons

Ladles, skimmers, and turners are crafted to last and make kitchen chores less arduous. The ingenious Cooking Spoon Whisk combines both functions into one and is a joy to use with your non-stick cookware.

BBQ Tools

Professional grill utensils guarantee an enjoyable BBQ experience. It's both helpful and safer to use utensils with handles at least 40 cm in length. As with all other Rösle utensils, these tools are made from heavy duty stainless steel which will not rust when used outdoors. We particularly love the Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster, Curved Charcoal Tongs and Fish Turner. And the Suede BBQ Gloves will make a great gift for the BBQ grill master in your life.

Open Kitchen

The basic component of the Open Kitchen is the Wall Storage Rail. Available in four different lengths, they adapt to any wall space and the joints can be masked to present a seemingly nonstop rail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Rösle products dishwasher safe?

Almost all Rösle kitchen tools are dishwasher safe, but please refer to the specifications and care of each item. Attention: for utensils with cutting blades such as the Can Opener, Peeler and Oyster Knife we recommend hand washing to preserve the sharpness and quality of the cutting edge.


How do you use the Rösle egg cracker/topper?

We are asked many times how to use this clever tool that works on both soft and hard boiled eggs. Simply pull handle up and release. A spring mechanism causes the vibration that allows the sharp edge inside the dome to perfectly cut the shell.

Watch the video to see how effortless it is: