Roasting Pans & Dishes

Roasting Pans and Dishes

Perfect for a Sunday roast or a hearty pasta bake, our range of roasting pans and dishes has been selected for strength and durability. Mauviel's roasters in copper, stainless steel or aluminium are our favourites but there's a wide range of oven-safe dishes to choose from in cast iron, porcelain and aluminium....

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Buyer's Guide

Roasting Pans and Dishes

We looked for roasters that will withstand oven cooking and handle heavy cuts of meat without warping over time like many low-quality options. Mauviel certainly offers this in copper (M’Heritage), stainless steel (M’Cook) or non-stick lined aluminium (M’Pure). All-Clad's 5-ply metal construction, including a copper core, offers another high-quality option. All work beautifully to finish sauces on the hob or for oven-to-table presentation. Alternatives are available in cast iron (Staub), porcelain (Pillivuyt and Apollia) or lightweight anodised aluminium (Alan Silverwood).