Saucepans & Saute Pans

Saucepans and Saute Pans

The most useful pans in the kitchen, saucepans and lesser-known sauté pans are great for a variety of jobs. Perfect for reducing a sauce, browning meat, making a risotto or caramelising sugar, we love stainless steel and copper for the most responsive pans....

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Buyer's Guide

Sauce Pans and Saute Pans

Perfect for boiling water, making a sauce or putting on some pasta, the saucepan is one of the most used pots in the kitchen. We have selected durable lines with good construction and high quality metal to withstand a busy kitchen. Our perfect pan is a thicker copper (Mauviel M'Heritage) or stainless steel (Mauviel M'Cook) pan to conduct the heat rapidly and evenly or All-Clad which incorporates the best of both worlds with a 7-ply metal construction including a copper core. The best saucepans have a high quality, durable stainless steel on the inside of the pot which copes with occasional accidental burning better than a non-stick coating or lower quality stainless steel. If you’re after a less expensive but still great performing pot, our Best of Value range offers professional kitchen quality Paderno pans in stainless steel. We advise avoiding non-stick because we find that the coating doesn’t hold up well for saucepans but Gastrolux have a great range of non-stick sauté pans if you find it a must-have. Less commonly known but definitely an essential piece in the kitchen, sauté pans have a wide, flat base and moderate-height, vertical sides (higher than a frying pan but lower than a saucepan). They can be used both as a frying pan and a wide, shallow saucepan, and are useful for everything from browning meat and searing tuna to making a risotto. Our top picks are in stainless steel or copper as these are more controllable than other materials.