Agg Coddler Egg Coddler Regular / White *

This porcelain egg coddler makes it easy to treat yourself to coddled eggs, which exist somewhere between boiled eggs and poached eggs, with the added benefit of adding herbs, spices, cheese, or other ingredients as they cook.
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Product Details

This neat little tool takes breakfast up a notch. To use it, all you have to do is butter the insides and crack an egg into it. Add anything you think will make it better—cheese, fresh herbs, spices, pre-cooked meat; the Ägg Cøddler invites experimentation! Secure it shut with the silicone band provided and partially immerse it in boiling water for 8-9 minutes for softer eggs and 11-12 minutes for harder ones. These cups are microwave- and oven-safe, and can go in the dishwasher.

Why we love it

‘Whether I’m inviting friends over for brunch or just looking to use up stray herbs and ingredients in my fridge, making coddled eggs is always a good experience.’

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