Anova Precision Biodegradable Vacuum Sealer Bag Rolls

Cut-to-size plastic bag rolls that perfectly seal foods before sous vide cooking, so they stay submerged in water. For every box purchased, the equivalent plastic of 32 bottles will be prevented from entering the ocean through Anova’s partnership with Plastic Bank.
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Product Details

These Anova Precision Bags feature a double rib design and a durable seven layer construction to withstand even the most prolonged sous vide cooking sessions. Pre-seal your food after prep and then safely store it for later in the fridge or freezer to use later; likewise, you can do this post–sous vide. The material is 100% food-safe, free from harmful BPA plastics, and can handle temperatures of up to 99°C. This box contains 2 cut-to-size rolls measuring 28cm x 6m. It is made to be used with the Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer. Besides sous vide, you can use these bags for storing cheese, cured meats, and other perishable goods so they stay fresher for longer.

The new and improved Anova Precision® Vacuum Sealer bags are designed to break down faster than standard plastic when exposed to light and air in the open environment, including forests, rivers and oceans. But bags that end up in landfills will not experience sufficient oxygen and sunlight exposure to degrade naturally. That's why Anova came up with a solution until a 100% biodegradable plastic bag is invented: a partnership with Plastic Bank that offsets the carbon footprint of these plastic bags. Plastic Bank's mission is to prevent plastic from reaching oceans, as well as improving the lives of communities that collect plastic waste.

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'The Anova sous vide cooker does a majority of the work for you. You can set and forget it anywhere from 30 minutes to three days, and once you're ready to cook, it's done in a flash—and done perfectly, with consistent results. I always use it when expecting guests, especially if it's a barbecue.'

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