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The most powerful, accurate and efficient sous vide cooker in Anova's range, ensuring food is never under- or overcooked but at the perfect texture for you, every single time.

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Product Details

Sous vide is the secret to many restaurants' success—not only does it allow you to easily prep food in advance, but it also ensures food is evenly cooked throughout the inside. In other words, it's fail-proof. The Anova Precision Cooker Pro comes with WiFi compatibility so you can monitor the status of your food from outside the kitchen. A splash-proof touch screen display is easy to read and adjust. With 1800 watts of power, it can heat up to 100 litres of water with +/- 0.05˚C accuracy. A length of 35 cm (13.78") makes it compact enough to store in a cupboard. Use the Anova app for thousands of recipes and tips from a lively community of home cooks, who'll show you sous vide is for much more than steaks! You can use it to make hummus, puddings, homemade gin, and so much more.

Using a sous vide cooker is simple. All you have to do set the temperature on your cooker and place it in a container of water. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, place your ingredients in the water bath. Your ingredients should be in sealed bags with as much air removed from it as possible, so it stays submerged. (Place a heat-proof bowl or plate above it if needed.) Leave your ingredients in for as much time as your recipe requests. If you'd like, quickly sear your food so it gets gorgeously browned exteriors and don't worry about the insides, as they have already been cooked in the water bath.


Cleaning - Remove the skirt and end cap; place the skirt and end cap in the dishwasher or wash them in the sink with dish soap

  • Proceed with Vinegar Bath (This method is best for cleaning build-up due to mineral deposits mostly from tap water. Build-up can be brown, black, or even green depending on your water pipes and water source):
    • Dilute equal parts water and white vinegar in a small pot
    • Place your cooker in the pot, set the temperature to 70ºC and let your cooker heat the liquid
    • Run for 30 minutes
  • Cleaning the insides:
    • Use a tooth brush with a mild cleaner like dish soap to scrub the circulator, impeller, heating coil, pump shaft, and sensor
    • Rinse with a damp cloth; when cleaning the unit make sure you do not bend the impeller shaft - if you do it may rub against the steel skirt after you reassemble it
  • Cleaning the Touch screen: Dampen a microfibre cloth; wipe the display gently; dry gently with a dry microfibre cloth

Why we love it

'The Anova sous vide cooker does a majority of the work for you. You can set and forget it anywhere from 30 minutes to three days, and once you're ready to cook, it's done in a flash—and done perfectly, with consistent results. I always use it when expecting guests, especially if it's a barbecue.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity Max Cook Size: 100L with lid; Flow Rate: 12 Liters/min
Connectivity WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz - iOS and Android app
Country of Origin China
Dimensions D8.8cm x W 6cm x H 35cm Pot size requirements: Min Water Level: 62mm; Max Water Level: 170mm
Material Stainless steel, Teflon-coated aluminum; IPX7 water and splash resistant
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.05 ̊ C
  • Range: 0° – 92°C
  • Cook Time: Engineered with a powerful dual bearing brushless DC motor and a best-in-class double-core insulated heater, the Anova Precision® Cooker Pro runs for a minimum of 10,000 hours straight without shutting down
Warranty 2 years
Weight 1.29kg

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