Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro *

A robust machine for quick and easy air extraction, ideal for sous vide cooking as well as long-lasting food storage that is easy to transport and saves space.
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Product Details

Anova pride themselves on keeping things sleek, fast and effective. The Anova Vacuum Sealer Pro is a more robust edition of their standard sealer. Like the original, it creates a strong and reliable seal in seconds, removing air effectively. But the motor is stronger, as is the seal it creates, making it suitable for sealing wet and dry foods. It has a built-in space for bag storage and cutter, and an accessory port that lets you seal more than bags, like canning jars, wine bottles, and other containers. You can also use it to store cheese, cured meats, and other perishable goods so they stay fresher for longer and are easy to store and transport. Ideal for use with Anova Precision Bag Rolls (a roll of 28cm x 5cm is included with purchase).

Why we love it

'The Anova sous vide cooker does a majority of the work for you. You can set and forget it anywhere from 30 minutes to three days, and once you're ready to cook, it's done in a flash—and done perfectly, with consistent results. I always use it when expecting guests, especially if it's a barbecue.'

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