Ballarini Silicone Pastry Scraper / Black


A heat-proof silicone pastry scraper ideal for spreading or smoothing out creams, scrambling eggs, mixing doughs, and so much more.

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Product Details

Ballarini, a family-run Italian business since 1889, is known the world over for how they’ve adapted cookware to suit the needs of contemporary home cooks. This silicone pastry scraper has a myriad of uses. Because it’s heat proof, you can use it when cooking to stir food, and it will not scratch non-stick or seasoned pans. It’s also great for spreading creams, stirring bread dough, and much more. It is flexible, dishwasher-safe, and has a hook for hanging on a kitchen rail. The shape and colour were designed by renowned Milan-based studio Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez.

Why we love it

‘The compact size lets me use it to scrape the last of the nut butter, Branston pickle, or any other condiment from the jar too.’

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