Barista & Co Core Milk Pitcher / Brushed Steel / 420ml


Trusted by professionals, this hard-wearing pitcher is perfect for frothing milk. 

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Product Details

This lightweight milk pitcher (420ml) is durable and dishwasher-safe. Coated in tough titanium with an inner lining of stainless steel, it won't chip when used with a steam wand. The full laser welded handle eliminates un-washable crevices and is ergonomically designed to feel natural in the hand, and has ample space to prevent the fingers touching the hot main body while in use.  The spout is designed for precise pouring, and internal measure marks guide you towards how much milk is needed. 

Why we love it

'Subtle touches like the sharp-angled spout and extended handle make this jug lovely to use.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity 420ml
Care Dishwasher safe
Country of Origin China
Dimensions W 8.2cm X D 9.5cm X H 11.5cm
Material Stainless steel
Warranty 1 year
Weight 230g

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