Borough Board Carving Board Elm

Our Borough Boards, made from British elm, are useful (and beautiful) in the kitchen as well as the table. Use one side of this wooden board for carving, where the juice grooves catch any excess liquid, and the flat side for regular meal prep.
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Product Details

The Borough Kitchen team worked with furniture maker Orpago to make this clean, simple carving board made from British elm trees, which feature unique, elongated swirls. Manufactured in Devon, each board has a thick body (45mm) and is aged naturally for two years, then kiln dried to remove moisture and maintain stability. The juice groove is deep and collects liquids at a pool on the bottom right of the board, so you can easily pour excess liquids into the sink for easy clean-up. Not only does this carving board look beautiful with a Sunday roast, ready to be portioned at the table, but it can sit on your countertop at all times for daily meal prep.

Why we love it

‘The juice groove is so well-constructed, ensuring that carving a roast chicken or chopping ripe tomatoes doesn't make a mess.’

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