Boska Cast Iron Fondue Set


A cast iron fondue pot that works on all hobs including induction, and keeps fondue warm throughout the evening. This set includes an adjustable burner and six fondue forks.

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Product Details

This Cast Iron Fondue Set from Boska, a Dutch company that specialises in products for cheese, has a 1 litre–capacity pot that works on all hobs including induction. It comes with a metal supports that sits on a wooden tray with an adjustable burner. Included in the set are six fondue forks. To make fondue, warm your ingredients on a hob according to your recipe and transfer to the burner. The cast iron retains heat exceptionally well, so it will fondue extra warm throughout the evening.

  • Hand wash only due to wooden handle

Why we love it

'Fondue may seem specific and one-note, but the opportunities are endless. Not just in terms of varying cheese—you can make fondue out of chocolate, oil, stock, and so much more. We've got recipes for all of these here.'

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