Boska Copper Fondue Set


This copper fondue pot, with a stainless steel handle and concrete base, moves from hob to table and keeps the texture of your fondue on top form throughout the evening. The set includes four fondue forks and a gift box.

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Product Details

Made by Boska, a Dutch company specialising in products for cheese, this copper fondue set is so striking it won a coveted Red Dot Design Award. Constructed from copper and stainless steel and with a concrete base, it comes with four fondue forks. To use the fondue, prepare the ingredients on the hob according to your recipe, then transfer so it sits over the burner for the duration of the evening. The pot works on all hobs except induction. (If necessary, you can prepare your fondue in a different saucepan and transfer to this pot so it stays warm.) Copper, being an exceptional conductor of heat, keeps the fondue especially warm because of how quickly and well it reacts to the small burner. This set is ideal as a gift for the fondue lover in your life and makes a beautiful centrepiece at any get-together, especially in the winter.

Why we love it

'Fondue may seem specific and one-note, but the opportunities are endless. Not just in terms of varying cheese—you can make fondue out of chocolate, oil, stock, and so much more. We've got recipes for all of these here.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity 1.7L to the brim (1.5L fondue)
  • Fondue pot is hand wash only in warm soapy water; remove tarnish with copper cleaner
  • Fondue forks are dishwasher safe
  • Clean fondue base with a wet cloth; do not immerse in water
  • Fondue is solely intended for use on gas, ceramic or electric hob; not induction
  • Not oven- or microwave-safe
Country of Origin China
Dimensions 29cm X 18cm X 17.5cm
Material Copper, stainless steel, concrete
Warranty 10 years
Weight 2.4kg

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