Bread Proofing Basket Round with Riser 28cm *

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A rattan cane basket that provides the ideal conditions for bread to proof by wicking moisture. This shape is ideal for crown-shaped loaves.

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Product Details

This Bread Proofing Basket Round has been designed to absorb and retain warmth, which makes it the perfect environment for your dough to rest in as the gluten develops. Made from natural rattan cane, it will provide a consistent texture and shape to loaves of bread that are crown-shaped. By controlling moisture conditions on the surface of the dough, it will ensure the formation of a healthy crust. They are also great baskets for serving bread and dinner rolls at the table. Note that proofing baskets must be generously floured or used with a flour-dusted cloth liner prior to use. They should never be washed under tap water. To clean (every six months or so), dust flour off or remove with a bristle brush, spray with water, brush again and leave to dry completely. 

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'The mark of a serious baker is how many proofing baskets they own. It is the most important tool for ensuring bread has a beautiful shape and crust.'

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