Chinese Bao - Online Cookalong


Learn how to make both open and closed bao in this 90-minute online class, where we'll teach you skills and techniques you'll apply to all your cooking. 

Product Details

In this online class, you’ll learn how to make Chinese bao buns at home. We’ll teach you how to make, shape and steam closed (dumpling-style) baos and open (sandwich-style) baos. Once you get the technique down pat, we’ll teach you the proper methods and proportions for filling, so you can riff on bao endlessly. Together we’ll make a vegetarian- and vegan-friendly hoisin mushroom filling, and once class is over, you’ll have the confidence to make any kind of bao you desire. Other techniques you'll learn include how to work with enriched dough, how to intensify flavour by reducing moisture, how to steam food properly, and much more. 

Note: A steamer basket is required to take this class.

For a full list of ingredients and equipment needed, click here

Main allergen(s): gluten, soybeans (soy sauce), sesame (oil)

This class is suitable for vegetarians or students with nut allergies. It can be adapted to a vegan or lactose-free diet.

All online classes are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Why we love it

'Making bao buns from scratch is exhilarating—it doesn’t take long, there are a million ways to fill them, and they freeze well, making leftovers very handy for a rainy day.' 

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