Choux Pastry: Profiterole - Online Cookalong


Learn the skills and techniques behind French choux pastry, crème pâtissière and chocolate ganache—which will come in handy for all your baking—in this online class. The ingredient list is short and easy to source.

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Pastry is a perfectionist’s art, and requires a keen understanding of not just ingredients, but also techniques—which we will make sure you have a firm grasp of at the end of this 90-minute online class. Together we'll make choux, the foundation for French pastries like profiteroles, eclairs, gougeres, and so much more. We’ll also teach you how to make crème pâtissière, an excellent jumping off point for a myriad of egg-based creams, and a ganache that will give you an understanding of how to work with chocolate. Combine all of these and you have profiteroles, which won't feel so intimidating after this lesson. Note: A piping bag is required to take this class.

For the full list of ingredients and equipment required for this class, click here.

Main Allergen(s): gluten, dairy, eggs

This class is suitable for vegetarians.

Main image: Sophie Rushton-Smith @thecornerplot 


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‘French pastries can be very intimidating—with good reason—but a little know-how has infinite rewards.’

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