DeliVita Fired Recipe Book

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This cookbook is a practical, hands-on guide on how to make the most of a DeliVita Oven, featuring a wide range of recipes from pizza to pudding.

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The best way to master a DeliVita oven is to cook a variety of dishes in it. This cookbook, designed for the DeliVita oven, walks you through all the in's and out's of the oven in detail, and includes a wide range of dishes from pizza to paella to pudding.

Why we love it

'Mastering cooking in a wood-fired oven is elemental and satisfying—it’s as simple as building a fire under the chimney, and hones your instincts as a cook. The Delivita Oven preserves the authenticity of the experience, and taste of the food, while making it quicker and easier for home cooks to use. It’s wonderful for entertaining guests or enjoying time spent at home with family.'

Specifications & Care

Dimensions 15.5cm X 22cm X 2.5cm
Weight 574g
About The Brand


Started by an Italian family living in Britain, DeliVita was born out of founder Joe Formisano's desire to use a wood-fired oven that was not too big or too slow to reach cooking temperature, but preserved the authentic Neapolitan taste of pizza. With advice fromopinionated family members and manufacturing experts in Sheffield, where the pizza ovens and most of their accessories are made, DeliVita created a pizza oven that requires no assembly and takes only 25 minutes to reach optimal temperature.

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