DeliVita Oven (DS) / Olive Green


An authentic wood-fired oven designed for home use, made in Yorkshire from volcanic clay that retains high levels of heat and imparts beautiful flavour. Ideal for pizza, flatbreads, and more.

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Product Details

For the most authentic experience of cooking with wood fire, look no further than the DeliVita Oven. The interior, made from Italian volcanic clay, absorbs and retains heat of up to 500°C—the perfect condition for making pizza and flatbreads that puff up in seconds, imparting irresistible smokiness and flavour whilst being fuel-efficient. The oven takes 25 minutes to get to peak temperature; from then on, it can run for as many hours as you feed the fire with wood. There’s no need to wait between dishes; pizza, for example, is ready in just 90 seconds, and can be made back-to-back. You can also use the oven to cook seafood, vegetables, meat, and so much more. The oven exterior, made of fibreglass, never becomes too hot to touch, thanks to an insulated ‘blanket’ between it and the oven’s interior. This ability to stay relatively cool on the outside allows the DeliVita to sit on any stable surface. Once cured (read about that process and more details here), this oven requires minimal maintenance and lasts a lifetime.

Why we love it

'Mastering cooking in a wood-fired oven is elemental and satisfying—it’s as simple as building a fire under the chimney, and hones your instincts as a cook. DeliVita preserves the authenticity of the experience, and taste of the food, while making it quicker and easier for home cooks to use. It’s wonderful for entertaining guests or enjoying time spent at home with family.'

Specifications & Care

Care External only - Clean with a damp cloth
Country of Origin UK
Dimensions L 65cm X W 59cm X H 35cm
Material Fibreglass , Refractory Stone
Warranty 5 years on on construction and workmanship
Weight 30kg
About The Brand


Started by an Italian family living in Britain, DeliVita was born out of founder Joe Formisano's desire to use a wood-fired oven that was not too big or too slow to reach cooking temperature, but preserved the authentic Neapolitan taste of pizza. With advice fromopinionated family members and manufacturing experts in Sheffield, where the pizza ovens and most of their accessories are made, DeliVita created a pizza oven that requires no assembly and takes only 25 minutes to reach optimal temperature.

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