Dualit Architect Toaster / Polished / Grey Trim


An award-winning toaster with a patented Perfect Toast Technology and Peek & Pop function that lets you check on your toast without pausing.

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Product Details

Dualit’s Architect range won an Excellence in Housewares Award in 2013 for its innovative features, and has been consistently popular since. This toaster, available with two or four slots, contains Perfect Toast Technology, meaning it calculates the temperature of your toaster and surroundings to derive the precise toasting time for your next slice of consistently golden brown toast. The Peek & Pop function, unique to Dualit, allows you to check on your bread without stopping it toasting. Extra wide slots as well as bagel and defrost functions make it more versatile. The geometric lines provide a sleek, modern look

Why we love it

‘The extra-wide slots make a huge difference, especially when toasting unevenly sliced homemade bread.’

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