Fermentation / Online Cookalong / Mon-23-Nov-20


Learn the essentials of picking and fermentation—and make kimchi, preserved lemons, and cucumber pickles—in this 90-minute online class. All the details will be sent to you prior to class so you can learn in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Product Details

This class will provide you with an in-depth introduction to everything you need to know about lactic fermentation and pickling techniques. Beyond being trendy, pickles are a fantastic way to add colour, zing, and nutrition to any meal, which is why every cuisine features some version of them. In this thorough and informative cooking class, we lean into the global aspect of fermentation, so you will learn how to make:

  • Korean kimchi
  • Moroccan preserved lemons
  • Pickled cucumbers

By the end of class, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to pickle any food you desire, enjoying the health benefits and flavours of fermented foods.

Date: Mon-23-Nov-20

Time: 12:00-13:30 BST

Age Restriction: 16+

Main Allergens: Citrus, fish (fish sauce), soybeans (soy sauce)

Online classes can accommodate up to 100 students. Each class has an instructor and co-instructor. Students will be placed on mute but can click on the ‘raising hand’ button to be unmuted as soon as possible to ask a question. The co-instructor is available to answer questions at any time via the chat function. You have the option to keep your camera on or off during class.

Before class, we’ll send you a PDF detailing the ingredients and equipment you'll need (they don’t have to be from us), information on how to join the class, and points on health and safety. If you have any specific questions about substitutions, please feel free to contact us at cookschool@boroughkitchen.com.

Please note the price is per person, not per Zoom screen—i.e., if two members of a household take this class, the total price is £50. All online classes are non-refundable.

Why we love it

‘The health benefits of fermented foods are well-documented, and once I started making my own, I was able to get more creative. Salads and sandwiches are 10x better because of them.’

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