Gnocchi Wood Paddle and Ridge Board *


Made in Italy, this traditional beech gnocchi paddle creates sauce-catching ridges. 

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Product Details

There's nothing in the world quite like freshly made gnocchi in a simple tomato sauce, fresh pesto, or whatever creative spin you dream up. Though plain gnocchi is nice enough, indentations allow gnocchi catch the sauce you serve it with, providing a much more rewarding final dish. This 8.2 x 3.5 inch-paddle and rolling pin is made in Italy from 100% beechwood. To use, roll the gnocchi down the paddle and use the rolling pin to create characteristic grooves. The sharp angle towards the end of the board allows you to easily and stably tip gnocchi onto your work surface. This paddle is also ideal for creating garganelli. Use the included rolling pin to roll your pasta along the ridges.

Why we love it

'If you're going to put in the effort to make gnocchi, then you may as well add this extra step before popping them into boiling water. Your dinner guests will thank you!'

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