Japanese Katsu Curry / Online Cooking Class


Learn the skills and techniques that go into making Japanese katsu curry (with chicken or sweet potato) in this online class. The ingredients are easy to source, and no special equipment is required for this class.

Product Details

In this 90-minute online cooking class, we’ll teach you how to make Japanese katsu curry with chicken or sweet potato, entirely from scratch, with a side of miso-glazed aubergines. We'll teach you how to apply key knife skills to all your cooking, how to tenderise any protein, how to use miso to create a versatile glaze or sauce, and how to batter-fry using Panko crumbs.

For a full list of ingredients and equipment, click here.

Main allergen(s): gluten, soy

This class can be adapted for vegetarian and vegan diets. As it includes breadcrumbs, flour, soy sauce, and miso, it is not gluten-free. However, if you can find gluten-free alternatives for these ingredients, they will work well.

Age restriction: 16+

All online classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Why we love it

'This class began as a private online class that we tailored to our customers’ needs. Since it was such a success, we decided to make a version of it everyone could enjoy.'

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