Jars Tourron Olive Oil Bottle / 500ml / Blue *


Handcrafted in France with century-old traditions and sustainable practices, this oil bottle with a metal stopper from Jars’ Tourron range is suitable to keep by the hob or at the table.

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Product Details

Though Jars Ceramistes is a family-run company that’s been around since 1857, their tableware is perfectly suited to contemporary needs. Their ceramics are very hard-wearing, able to resist cracks, fading, and the stress of dishwashers and microwaves. This is a result of an energy-saving manufacturing process that fires only once at 1285°C rather than the standard three times. Jars factories also recycle all the water and heat used in production, keeping waste and pollution to an absolute minimum. This oil or vinegar bottle from the Tourron range has a simple, rounded shape and a natural pattern that emphasises the purity of handmade stoneware.

Why we love it

'Restaurants love Jars plates, bowls and cups because they can go through the dishwasher multiple times a day but still maintain their lustre—and they look lovely when mixed with multiple colours from a range.'

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