Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker / Fast Cooker - 2 Handles


A safe, quiet, and easy-to-use stainless steel pressure cooker that reduces cooking time up to 70%.

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Product Details

Kuhn Rikon's Duromatic Inox range is recognised around the world as the gold standard of pressure cookers—timeless in design, innovative in function. It reduces cooking time by up to 70%; meaning stews, potatoes, dried beans, and a myriad of other foods can be cooked in a third of its regular time. Pressure cookers work so efficiently because they concentrate heat; as a result, food retains more flavour, moisture and nutrients. This remarkable model has five ironclad safety features, such as automatic lid locks and over-pressure protections, plus volume marks on the inside and a special wave-shaped base for perfect heat distribution. Best of all, it is wonderfully quiet. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, it can be used like a regular pot without the lid, and is easy to store alongside other cookware. It is made to last—in fact, Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers are not allowed out of the factory without passing a durability test that simulates 50 years of use.

Using it is simple: Once you add your ingredients and fasten the lid according to your recipe's directions, just heat the cooker on high until the knob rises to show one red line (low pressure) or two red lines (high pressure), adjusting your hob accordingly. When the time is up, you can turn the heat off and let the knob return to the bottom (natural release) or press the knob with a wooden spoon to release the steam quickly (quick release). The Kuhn Rikon app has a comprehensive list of guides and recipes with the correct times and pressure settings.

  • Gas Hob Compatible.
    Gas Hob Compatible
  • Induction Compatible.
    Induction Compatible
  • AGA Compatible.
    AGA Compatible
  • Electric Hob Compatible.
    Electric Hob Compatible
  • Ceramic Hob Compatible.
    Ceramic Hob Compatible

Why we love it

'This is not your grandmother's loud, hissing pressure cooker. The safety features eliminate all fears of exploding tops, and it's just so very fast.' 

Specifications & Care

Capacity 10L
  • Hand wash; not dishwasher safe
  • Limescale can also be easily removed with vinegar or lemon juice
  • Suitable for all hobs, including Induction
Country of Origin Switzerland
Material High-quality 18/10 stainless steel
Warranty 10 year guarantee on all pan bodies; 2 year warranty on all parts (subject to wear) such as gaskets, handles, valves, valve caps and internal components
Weight 5.23kg
Dimensions Diameter 28cm; L 40.5cm X W 31.4cm X H 25.5cm

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