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The latest innovation from Lotus Grill. A lightweight, easy-to-use barbecue that uses gas or charcoal, whatever you decide.

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Product Details

What’s the quickest, easiest, and safest way to barbecue? That’s the question the Lotus Grill was designed to answer. The charcoal sits in a small, contained inner chamber, and a battery-operated fan circulates the air around the grill, spreading the heat throughout the surface. It can also operate without batteries using a USB cable. By blowing oxygen into the coals, the fan makes the charcoal hotter than they’d get in a standard grill at a quicker pace—just 4 minutes and it’s ready to cook. This clever heat distribution also lets you use 80% less charcoal when grilling. Since the coal is in an inner chamber, the outer (non-metal) sides of the grill stay cool to the touch, making it safe enough to move even during cooking. Heat is easy to regulate with a dial that controls the fan speed. The top portion of the grill has a metal plate that prevents fat from dripping onto the charcoal, keeping smoke at a minimum. 

This newest portable grill, the Lotus Grill Hybrid BBQ, can switch from charcoal to gas operation in a few simple steps to offer flexibility in barbequing. Swap the charcoal container for a burner container with an integrated gas pipe. Remove the outer silicone plug in the base, attach the brass adapter that enables hookup to an EN 417 butane gas canister (not included) and the grill is ready for use after 60 seconds. 

The regular-size Hybrid BBQ is suitable for up to 5 people. This lightweight machine comes with four AA batteries and a handled carry bag, making it ideal for taking on the go. The best charcoal to use for the Lotus Grill is natural hardwood charcoal briquettes, ideally beech.

Why we love it

‘The most fuss-free barbecue on the market, perfect for beginners and experts alike.’

Specifications & Care

  • Grill grid and inner bowl are dishwasher safe or can be cleaned with standard washing-up liquid; Clean outer bowl (containing electronic unit) only with wet cloth or brush; do not use acidic, solvent or other flammable liquids. Remove batteries during a longer period of storage.
  • Use only with EN417 gas cartridge; the changeover mechanism is designed to exclude incorrect operation.


Country of Origin Vietnam
  • Top diameter approx. 350mm
  • Bottom diameter approx. 260mm
  • Height approx. 235mm
  • Grill grid diameter approx. 320mm
Material Powder-coated steel and shock-resistant plastics; Grill grid, inner bowl, charcoal container and latches: stainless steel; Riser pipe, gas connections and valve: brass
Warranty 2 years from date of purchase against manufacturing defects, given that it was used according to instructions of use; for proof of warranty, please retain your sales receipt
Weight 7.3kg
About The Brand

Lotus Grill

Lotus Grill is a family-run German operation with the mission to make grilling simple, speedy and safe. Their innovative, battery-operated charcoal grill has won high-profile accolades like the International Barbecue Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Design Plus Award. By using 80% less charcoal than standard barbecues and FSC-certified beech wood harvested in Europe for their charcoal, the Lotus Grill provides a more eco-friendly approach to barbecuing. 

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