Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker / Pink


Internationally recognised as the gold standard of pasta makers, the Marcato Atlas 150 is full of unique features that make homemade pasta simpler and more flavoursome.

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Product Details

The Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker is an icon of Italian design. Featuring no less than five patented innovations, what sets this machine apart from its competitors is its unique anodised aluminium rollers, which are ultra-durable, stick-resistant and 100% non-toxic. They create an ever-so-slightly porous dough, so your pasta will bind to sauces more easily. The Atlas 150 comes with built-in attachments in three versatile shapes: smooth lasagna, wide fettuccine and thin tagliolini. (You can find more attachments and accessories here.) The pragmatic design features a clasp that attaches to the side of your countertop or table, so you can use the manual hand crank comfortably, as well as an adjustment knob that lets you set the thickness of your pasta from one to ten.

Why we love it

‘Marcato was the first to make pasta makers, and they remain at the forefront because they embrace technology to adapt their products for modern use—without ever sacrificing quality.’

Specifications & Care

Care The surfaces of Atlas 150 can easily be cleaned with a cloth and maintenance is simplified by the presence of removable polymeric resin combs. Atlas 150 is not dishwasher safe
Country of Origin Italy
Dimensions W 20.7cm x H 15.5cm x D 20cm Atlas 150 allows you to instantly prepare Lasagne with a maximum width of 150 mm, 6.5 mm Fettuccine and 1.5 mm Tagliolini
Material Exterior - chrome steel; rollers - anodised aluminium; combs and scrapers - polymeric resin
Weight 2.3kg
About The Brand


In 1930, Otello Marcato made the first-ever pasta rolling machine in a workshop behind his house and sold them to neighbours on his bicycle. He opened a factory in Campodarsego, Padua, eight years later, where Marcato still produces all of their products today. Their machines are recognized all over the world for unbeatable quality. Their 100+ employees pack up to 2,500 pasta machines a day and 250,000 rollers a month with an extremely low rate of defects, reusing most of the product waste in order to embrace a principle of ecological circularity.

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