Mauviel M'200CI Saucepan with Lid / 16cm

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Made for chefs, this professional-grade 2mm copper saucepan with a traditional cast iron handle provides ultimate heat responsiveness.

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Product Details

Mauviel’s M’200CI range of copper cookware is designed to match the demands of busy restaurant kitchens. Copper, an exceptional conductor of heat, allows even, controlled cooking that responds to the slightest changes of temperature instantly. This range features a thick 2mm layer (90%) that puts this unique capability front and centre, resulting in maximum heat-responsiveness but enhanced usability, as it is lighter than most professional-grade copper pans. The M'200 range replaces Mauviel M'250 as the company's thickest copper pan, as they found that reducing the copper by .5mm made no difference in performance—but enhanced user-friendliness. The other 10% of the pan is made from ultra-durable stainless steel that is easy to clean and never needs to be ‘re-tinned’. Traditional cast iron handles are a nod to Mauviel’s rich heritage of copper manufacturing, which has taken place in Normandy since 1830. This saucepan is built to withstand heavy use and still be passed down to generations. Suitable for all hobs except induction.

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Mauviel M’150 and M’200 pans, with stainless steel, bronze, or cast iron handles, are made of pure copper that’s soft by nature. They are polished and finished by hand, resulting in minor abrasions, small black marks or scuffs. These are considered normal and do not have any impact on performance or durability.

Why we love it

‘Since copper is so responsive, it can stop caramel from burning or a roux from browning the moment you take it off the heat. Plus, it will last a lifetime.’

Specifications & Care

Capacity 1.7L
Country of Origin France
Dimensions Diameter 16cm X H 9cm (without lid)
Material 2mm thick copper, 18/10 stainless interior (90% copper); cast iron handle
Warranty Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects
Care Hand wash; restore lustre with Copperbrill copper polish
About The Brand


Since 1830, Mauviel has been making its superior cookware in a Normandy village called Villedieu-les-Poêles, which roughly translates to 'city of pans'. Known the world over by professional chefs and discerning home cooks, Mauviel produces several collections to fit every kitchen, from traditional tin-lined copper to induction-friendly stainless steel cookware that's ideal for induction hobs. The business has remained in the Mauviel family for seven generations, and it employs 70 highly skilled and experienced artisans to make just over 1000 unique products.

From creation to completion, the artistry with which Mauviel produces each piece demonstrates why the brand sits among the top tier of its industry. Thoughtful details like pouring rims and recessed handles, plus how neatly pieces in various ranges stack together, make using their cookware feel enjoyable. Their products are made to last a lifetime.

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