Mauviel M'Heritage M'150CI2 TriPly Roaster / 35x25cm

A spacious roasting pan in French copper with traditional cast iron handles, a stainless steel lining and heat-responsive aluminium core—a gorgeous piece to take from oven to table.
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Product Details

The Mauviel M'Heritage Roasting Pan is just 2.5mm thick with a polished copper exterior. Copper is an impeccable conductor of heat, and here it is supported by aluminium, which is also a powerful heat conductor. In this roaster, food will caramelise faster and more effectively. The inner lining of brushed stainless steel is extremely durable, resists sticking and is easy to clean (hand wash only). The stainless steel used is a very thin gauge, so it does not inhibit the cooking qualities of copper. The riveted handles are upright, which lets them take up less room in the oven, and made from cast stainless steel for a unique aesthetic. This roasting dish also has flared rims for easy pouring. Usable on all hobs except induction.

Why we love it

‘A wonderful piece for Sunday roasts, especially with a roasting rack—you can cook vegetables underneath the meat so it soaks up the fat.’
About The Brand


Since 1830, Mauviel has been making its superior cookware in a Normandy village called Villedieu-les-Poêles, which roughly translates to 'city of pans'. Known the world over by professional chefs and discerning home cooks, Mauviel produces several collections to fit every kitchen, from traditional tin-lined copper to induction-friendly stainless steel cookware that's ideal for induction hobs. The business has remained in the Mauviel family for seven generations, and it employs 70 highly skilled and experienced artisans to make just over 1000 unique products.

From creation to completion, the artistry with which Mauviel produces each piece demonstrates why the brand sits among the top tier of its industry. Thoughtful details like pouring rims and recessed handles, plus how neatly pieces in various ranges stack together, make using their cookware feel enjoyable. Their products are made to last a lifetime.

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