Microplane Black Sheep Zester (Ex-Display)

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A long, versatile zester with razor-sharp blades, scratch-resistant matt black finish, and a no-slip rubber base.

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Please note: This ex-display piece may have some imperfections including cosmetic scratches, scuffs or marks. However, these will not impact the performance or warranty of the product. Your purchase may or may not include original packaging, or packaging may be damaged.

Microplane is a household name across the world for their exceptional, patented photo-edged blades, which grate ingredients without bruising, tearing, or diminishing aromas. This versatile zester can be used for citrus, garlic, ginger, cheese, and many other ingredients, but it is particularly excellent for citrus. Only the slightest amount of pressure is needed for the razor-sharp blades to gently and precisely grate. The long shape allows for a fluid, gentle motion, helping prevent the undesirable mincing of zest and accidental grating of the pith. (Food scientist Shirley Corriher compares this motion to ‘playing the violin’.) This zester is made of stainless steel with a matt black finish, coated in PVD for a scratch-resistant finish. It has a no-slip rubber base that lets you stand it up at an angle over a plate or cutting board if needed. The notch in the handle allows you to hang it on a rack. It is dishwasher safe, but repeated exposure to dishwasher chemicals may dull the blades and shorten the lifespan of the product—so we strongly recommend hand washing.

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'There’s no contest: Microplane’s unique photo-edged blades are the most precise and effective. That’s why so many recipes use “Microplane” as a verb!'

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