Pillivuyt Sancerre Milk Jug (2nds)

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A simple porcelain milk jug that can go in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Part of our Pillivuyt Seconds range, with pieces discounted up to 30% due to minor cosmetic imperfections in the glaze.

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Established in 1818, Pillivuyt has a world-famous reputation for making culinary porcelain that's both elegant and durable. Their robust pieces can go in the oven and microwave—at temperatures of up to 290°C (270°C fan)—and are safe in the dishwasher and freezer too. In fact you could take it from the freezer to the oven and it will not crack from the thermal shock—an extremely rare feature. The premium non-porous glaze gives it a lustrous finish that is resistant to chips and scratches, and makes clean-up much faster. All of this is a result of ancestral knowledge that's been passed down through generations of this family business, where 100% of the manufacturing is undertaken in France. These milk jugs (150ml and 350ml) are perfect for serving alongside coffee and tea, and also work for serving sauce and gravy.

Part of our Pillivuyt Seconds range—pieces that, due to minor flecks and recesses in the glaze, did not pass Pillivuyt's strict testing criteria. Since these purely cosmetic flaws have no effect on quality, we sell them at a discount of up to 30%.

Why we love it

'It's a good thing white tableware never goes out of style—because a piece from Pillivuyt is durable enough to last many lifetimes.'

About The Brand


Established in 1818, Pillivuyt uses a unique, centuries-old porcelain dough recipe to make tableware that's as hard-wearing as it is elegant. Their dishes, plates, mugs and accessories can take the heat of a home oven's highest setting, resisting the thermal shock that causes most stoneware to crack. Pillivuyt's lustrous white tableware can be found all over the world, for the French company has garnered a reputation for making pieces that last many generations. Pillivuyt's factory, located in the Berry region of France, is known for rigorous quality control standards and artisans with a deep, ancestral understanding of how to work with the materials native to the local landscape.


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