ROK Classic Espresso GC Maker


A quiet, non-electric espresso maker that's easy to use, thanks to an innovative design featuring two levers to push water down through the portafilter.

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Product Details

ROK specialises in making non-electric espresso makers and tools that make espresso just as well as their electric counterparts. This makes their tools more compact and less noisy, too. With the Classic Espresso GC Maker, ROK has retained the timeless classic design of the original and re-engineered the pressure chamber using BPA-free glass composites to deliver twice the performance. Every machine includes:

  • Portafilter
  • Coffee spoon/tamper
  • Dosing Funnel
  • Clip-on double adapter
  • Competition Filter Screen
  • Instructions

Why we love it

'An excellent machine that does not take up too much countertop space. With a simple, satisfying downward push, you have a beautiful cup of espresso.' 

Specifications & Care

Care Hand clean only
Country of Origin China
Dimensions W 18cm X D 18cm X H 32cm
Material Aluminium, steel, glass composite
Weight 2.35kg
Warranty 10 years

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