Rosle BBQ 3 Piece Set **

This 3-piece set of BBQ tools contains what we consider essential: grill gloves, a turner, and extra-long locking tongs.
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Product Details

Rosle products, designed with functionality in mind, are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure a lifetime of service. The BBQ tools in this set are made of 18/10 stainless steel, and are highly resistant to rust, heat, and heavy usage, even outdoors. They’re also long enough to keep you at a safe and comfortable distance from the hot coals. The gloves are made from a tough, heat-resistant 100% leather outer with a breathable cotton-polyester lining that keeps your arms cool while protecting them from sparks and heat. This set includes:

  • Suede BBQ Grill gloves, covering the entire forearm for optimum protection from heat from your grill.
  • 46cm BBQ Turner, ideal for flipping burgers, vegetables, sausages and steaks.
  • 40cm BBQ tongs, keeping you a safe distance from burning coals. Rosle Locking Tongs feature their automatic locking mechanism, which enables you to use the tongs one-handed and store the tongs neatly between uses. Simply hold the tongs upright and squeeze the handles to release the mechanism. To lock, hold the tongs towards the ground and squeeze.

Why we love it

‘It’s rare to find BBQ tools that tick all the boxes—functionality, safety, durability and convenience. The Rosle BBQ range offers all this and more.’
About The Brand


Founded in 1888, Rosle is a family-owned German manufacturing firm that has, in recent decades, attracted worldwide acclaim for its high-quality kitchen tools, which are meticulously and thoughtfully designed for both the professional and the home cook. Engineered from 18/10 stainless steel, they offer superb durability, hygiene, hardness, and shine, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Rosle also pioneered the ‘Open Kitchen’ concept, according to which cooking utensils are stored on hooks and wall rails out in the open (rather than stuffed into drawers), promoting a more creative and accessible environment in the kitchen. The Open Kitchen range is modular, giving you absolute freedom to design your own unique kitchen space.

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