Sami Couper Linen Napkins Pack of 4 / 47x47cm / Indigo *


A set of four hand-dyed Irish linen napkins.

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Product Details

This set of four high-quality linen napkins are hand-dyed by Sami Couper at her Nottingham workshop. Made from soft Irish linen, Sami dyes around 10 pieces at a time by repeatedly dipping the linen in the dye to create a stunning ombre effect.

Irish linen has long been famed for the quality of the fabric. These napkins are visually striking on any dining table, as well as wonderfully soft. They can be washed at 30 degrees.

Why we love it

  • Hand-dyed Irish linen
  • Created by Sami Couper in Nottingham, UK
  • Beautiful ombre aesthetic

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