Staniforth Rosewood Handle 7 Knife and Block Set / Oak Block


Exclusive to Borough Kitchen, this eight-piece knife set from Sheffield-based Samuel Staniforth includes two chef’s knives, a paring knife, a peeling knife, a bread knife, a carving set and a magnetic knife block.

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Product Details

For 150 years, Samuel Stanforth has manufactured reliable, high-calibre knives in the historic centre of Britain’s cutlery industry. Every knife in this exclusive range for Borough Kitchen includes a fully forged French-style blade, which is thinner and lighter than its German counterpart. This makes it easier to lift the blade off a board—ideal for the forward-back motion of cutting—while still being sturdy enough to withstand friction with tough surfaces like bones, a result of expertly-crafted steel that is quick to sharpen (with a pull-through sharpener or whetstone) and retains its edge well. The blade’s edge curves closer to the tip, which helps ingredients spread less during cutting; this is useful when you are preparing lots of ingredients on one board or using a smaller cutting board. The hard-wearing, sustainably-sourced rosewood handle, which is slightly aromatic and becomes a deeper brown colour with use, is secured with brass rivets for a beautiful aesthetic. This knife set includes:

  • A 15cm chef’s knife
  • A 20cm chef’s knife
  • A 20cm bread knife
  • A 10cm paring knife
  • An 8cm peeling knife
  • A carving set
  • A magnetic knife block

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Why we love it

‘This range from Samuel Staniforth is an excellent introduction to using high-quality knives that are fully forged. I like that they are lighter than German knives but more low-maintenance than Japanese knives.’
About The Brand

Samuel Staniforth

Established in 1864, Samuel Stanforth is a big part of Sheffield’s rich history of manufacturing cutlery, which dates back to medieval times and is where stainless steel was first discovered. All their knives carry a bull emblem to represent reliability and high-quality. Their knives are the result of heavy market research, with assistance of butchers and caterers in many countries of the world. As home cooks, we collaborated with them on a series that is lighter in weight than standard German knives, with durable stainless steel blades and beautiful rosewood handles. 

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