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Learn how to make pad thai and apple and kohlrabi salad (som tom) in this online class, where we'll teach you skills and techniques that you can apply to all your cooking. There's no special equipment needed, and the class can be adapted to suit most diets.

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In this online class, we'll teach you how to make a classic pad thai and a classic-with-a-twist som tom—you may know it as papaya salad, but we’ll be using apples and kohlrabi. Through these recipes, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of what makes Thai cuisine click, and use those techniques to enrich all your cooking. Lessons include basic knife skills; how to use a pestle and mortar effectively; the correct way to prepare noodles for stir-frying; and how to use Thai ingredients like palm sugar, tamarind and chilli to make Thai-spiced anything. 

For the full list of ingredients and equipment required for this class, click here.

Main allergen(s): shellfish, soy, nuts

You have the option to use chicken or tofu in your pad thai, and swap the fish sauce for soy sauce or gluten-free tamari, and leave out peanuts if you are allergic.

Age restriction: 16+

All online classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Food images credit: Sophie Rushton-Smith (@thecornerplot)

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