Vulkanus Professional Knife Sharpener / Generation 2 *

A quick, user-friendly sharpener that adapts to the specific angle of a knife’s blade, making it more versatile.
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Product Details

Designed in Austria by veteran knifemaker Harald Stallegger, the Vulkanus knife sharpener is made to be quick, effective, user-friendly, and compact. The ultra-hard tungsten carbide surface and patented spring-action bars, which automatically adjust to the angle of a knife’s blade, make it suitable for any knife, including serrated and Japanese knives. (Though we prefer a whetstone for the latter; read about why in our guide.)

It’s simple to use. For coarse sharpening, tilt the knife downward, with the blade tip lower and the knife handle higher, and pull towards you, exerting pressure as you do so. For fine sharpening (or honing), tilt the knife upward, with the knife handle lower and the blade tip higher, and pull towards you; this will realign the edge without shedding metal. For serrated knives, press laterally against the serrated edge and pull. To polish, spread the upper knobs of the sharpening bars fully apart and gently glide the knife back and forth, exerting minimal pressure on the knife as you do so.

With regular use, this sharpener will last for up to five years, with replacement sharpening bars available for purchase separately. The base, made of stainless steel, can be used for much longer.

Why we love it

‘Whether you’re a professional who hones knives every day or a home cook who properly sharpens now and then, a few swipes will take care of the task swiftly (and less harshly than most other pull-throughs).’

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