Witloft Vintage Black Leather Apron

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A durable, high-quality leather apron, ideal for barbecues. 

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Product Details

The Wifloft Black Leather Apron by Witloft comes in a gorgeous distressed finish with Cognac Leather details. The leather itself is made by hand from vegetable tanned Dutch Saddle Leather.

Distressed leather gets its rugged, “lived-in” look by being treated with chemical pigments that bring out the leather’s natural characteristics. The idea is to create an item that looks antique or rustic. Protective coatings, which give other leather items a polished sheen, are rarely used.

The neck strap has a canvas cover to ensure comfort and to prevent the leather scratching the back of the neck. The high-quality leather used by Witloft is superior to both cotton and linen for use on aprons. This leather is heat resistant making it perfect for use on the BBQ. All Witloft aprons are handmade in The Netherlands.

Why we love it

  • Durable, heat resistant leather - perfect for use on the BBQ
  • Gorgeous distressed leather finish
  • Attention to detail – Witloft have constructed the neck strap from canvas and leather to maximise comfort

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