Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Ice Bucket

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Product Details

The ice bucket by Zwiesel is made of Tritan Crystal - a unique internationally patented crystal glass invented by Schott Zwiesel. Completely lead and barium free, instead using oxides of titanium and zirconium. It has a high temperature production process that includes tempering making it durable and resistant to chipping. The ice bucket has two handles making it easy to hold and will hold plenty of ice. Ideal for home use. Handmade.

Why we love it

  • Handmade lead free crystal
  • Has two helpful handles making it easy to lift
  • Ideal for use at home
About The Brand


Established in 1872, Zwiesel is the brand of choice for hospitality professionals in over 120 countries. Their range consists of both hand- and machine-made glasses, all crafted in Germany from raw material found in the Bavarian region. Unique water-circuiting technology and the use of recycled materials records 30% less energy consumption compared to conventional gas-air-heated glass melting tanks. The workmanship is so specialised that you can tell a glass is made by Zwiesel from the way it sounds when clinked.

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