Cook School

Skill & Technique-Based Classes in London

Our cook school has one goal: to teach you how to become a confident, more intuitive cook. In other words, to help you take your eyes off the recipe and trust your instincts.

Located in our Chiswick, Hampstead and Islington stores, our classes provide a small, hands-on learning environment. You’ll be using the top-quality knives and cookware we carry on our shelves and get proper attention from a trained chef. All of our savoury classes end with you sitting down as a group to enjoy the meal you have made (trust us, you’ll have leftovers). For our baking and pudding classes, you'll get to take home everything you've made.

Health & Safety Guidelines

To teach you in a safe, comfortable environment, we are limiting our classes to 4 students per lesson for the foreseeable future. This number will be reviewed every week, based on public health advice. Students will have individual prep stations 1 metre apart. However, if you are taking a class with a member of your household, you can cook and work next to each other. The same goes for dining at the end of class: You are welcome to do so 1 metre apart or pack your food to enjoy at home. (We provide take-out containers, but encourage you to bring your own to help reduce our carbon footprint.) Hand sanitiser will be provided at the door and, as usual, we will direct you to wash your hands throughout the lesson. As per government guidelines, face masks must be worn by the instructor and students throughout the class, except when sitting down to eat at the end. Upon request, we can provide disposable gloves and a face mask. Feel free to bring your own.

As this is a ‘new normal’ for us all, we value your patience as we navigate how to best operate our cook school in these extraordinary circumstances. If you would prefer to take a lesson from home, check out the options in our Online Cook School.

Cook School Gift Cards

Gift outside the box! Our cook school gift cards—for one or two—offer an experience that’s fun, useful, and unforgettable, whether that involves folding dumplings or baking choux. Choose the class you’d like to gift or let your loved one take their pick.


More About Our Classes

Do you have an allergy?

Let us know and we’ll try to tailor the ingredients used in class where possible

A great social experience

Sit down with the group at the end of each class to enjoy the food you have prepared. No in-person class is larger than 10 students

Classes to suit your schedule

We have shorter daytime classes and longer evening classes available. Our online classes are available to anybody with an internet connection!

Learn key transferrable skills

You'll learn the kind of classic skills and techniques students learn at culinary school, ones that’ll become natural with practice

The perfect gift

Our Cook School Gift Card for Two lets you share a memorable experience with a loved one Learn the science Our classically-trained instructors will explain the science behind the flavours and techniques

Minimum age requirement

We have a minimum age requirement of 16+ years with classes where we use knives; 14 and 15-year-olds are welcome to attend any of the following classes as long as they are accompanied by an adult who also is taking the class: French Macaron, Pastry Essentials, Principles of Bread Baking, Making Fresh Pasta From Scratch, Mastering Filled Pasta, Gluten-Free Baking

Private Cook School Classes

Book a private cook school event online for a unique way to bond with friends, family, or colleagues—at no additional cost to our standard tickets. All you need is a minimum reservation of 6 people (maximum 10). Come in for a joyful evening, leave with endorphins and skills that’ll make you a better, more confident cook. 

Cook School Locations

Our Islington Cook School

Borough Kitchen Islington
129C Upper Street 
London N1 1WL
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7043 1478


Our Hampstead Cook School

1B-1C Hampstead High Street, 
London, NW3 1RG
Tel: +44 20 7998 9970

Our Chiswick Cook School

186 Chiswick High Road
London W4 1PP
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 3538 9010


Disclaimer By booking a course with Borough Kitchen Cook School, you agree to accept these terms and conditions. If you are booking a course for someone in addition to/other than yourself, you agree to accept these terms and conditions on their behalf. Please click here for full terms and conditions.