Ankarsrum Assistent Baking Accessories


This set of accessories for the Ankarsrum Assistent Original Food Mixer includes a dough roller, dough knife and dough scraper.

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Product Details

Compatible with the Ankarsrum Assistent Original Food Mixer, this dough roller, dough knife and dough scraper set is the key to making perfect bread dough. The dough roller in conjunction with the dough knife attaches easily to the Ankarsrum mixer, and is designed to replicate the process of kneading and working the dough by hand. The dough roller acts as a fist that kneads the dough and the dough knife acts as the hand that folds it during kneading. The dough knife also helps to scrape the sides of the bowl as the bowl rotates. (When using the dough roller to start, with do not lock the arm but leave the roller to rotate along the inner edge of the bowl. Once the dough is firm, lock the roller 2-4cm from the edge of the bowl.) The dough scraper, or spatula, is for scraping the dough out of the bowl and further handling the dough. This set is also excellent for making cookie dough.

These accessories are included with the purchase of any Ankarsrum Assistant mixer. They are available for purchase separately in the event of misplacement or damage.

Why we love it

'Ankarsrum mixers are optimised for homemade bread, and this set of attachments—which mimic hand-kneading so thoroughly—is proof of that. (No pun intended!)'

Specifications & Care

Care Dishwasher safe
Country of Origin Sweden
Material PP (Polypropylene), PE HD (High Density Polyethene), PA 6 (Polyamide 6) + stainless steel
Weight 380g
About The Brand


Named after the Swedish village where all their machines are still made today, Ankarsrum was established in 1940. Every machine is assembled by hand with attention to precision, and is tested individually before leaving the factory. The company is committed to sustainability, which is why every Ankarsrum Assistent Original machine is made with recycled Swedish aluminium.

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