Ankarsrum Assistent Original Pasta Roller and Cutter Kit


Expand the use of your Assistent Original stand mixer with a pasta roller and cutter kit, made by Marcato.

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Product Details

This Pasta Roller and Cutter Kit attaches to any Ankarsrum Assistent Original stand mixer to roll pasta sheets for lasagne or to further cut into consistent strands of fettuccine. The attachments are made by Marcato, a company that's been making top-quality pasta equipment in Italy for over 80 years (and a Borough Kitchen favourite). To use, prepare your pasta dough using the dough roller and dough knife. Then turn the machine on its side and use the pasta roller to produce sheets of pasta (145 mm wide) which can be adjusted for 6 different thicknesses (0.6 mm up to 4.8 mm) for lasagne or filled pasta like ravioli and tortellini. Or you can switch to the cutter attachment to produce 6mm wide fettuccine.

Why we love it

'This kit lets you streamline the pasta-making process, as you can make the dough with the Ankarsrum as well as proof it, roll it, and cut it.'

Specifications & Care

  • Only pasta dough may be used for the pasta attachments
  • Never insert fingers or foreign objects in the roller
Country of Origin Italy
Dimensions W 246mm X H 58mm X D 171mm
  • Lasagna roller: Casing - chrome plated steel; Rollers - Saxaform C13 + Master Avient Clariant Renol Nero MO9FOI12020 plastic; anodised aluminium 6063; Scrapers - Saxaform C13 + Master Avient Clariant Renol Nero MO9FOI12020. Rod - galvanised steel
  • Fettuccine cutter: Casing - chrome plated steel; Cutting rollers - aluminium; Scrapers and combs: acetal resin
Weight 2.2kg
About The Brand


Named after the Swedish village where all their machines are still made today, Ankarsrum was established in 1940. Every machine is assembled by hand with attention to precision, and is tested individually before leaving the factory. The company is committed to sustainability, which is why every Ankarsrum Assistent Original machine is made with recycled Swedish aluminium.

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