Berard Olivewood Glass Storage Jar with Olivewood Lid

Cylindrical glass jars with airtight olivewood lids for keeping larder ingredients fresher for longer.
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Product Details

Since 1892, French company Bérard has specialised in wooden products for the kitchen and table. These storage jars are made from borosilicate glass, which is ultra-clear and shatterproof (to clarify: it can still break when dropped, but in a few large pieces rather than smaller, hard-to-see shards). Airtight olivewood lids keep ingredients fresh, and the flat tops make it easy for smaller jars to be stacked. Olivewood is known for its warm hue and strong contrasting grain pattern. The timbre comes from non-fruiting olivewood trees around the Mediterranean. Due to its unique grain pattern, no two olivewood pieces are alike.

Why we love it

'Excellent for neatly and clearly displaying the ingredients in your larder.'

Specifications & Care

Capacity 400ml


  • Hand wash with lukewarm water and without detergent; dry vertically
  • Avoid letting it soak in water
  • Apply a vegetable oil or Bérard maintenance cream regularly to prevent it from drying out and preserve its shine


  • Hand washing recommended; if using the dishwasher, take care to avoid impact when placing in rack
  • Frequent dishwasher use can lead to loss of brightness or cloudiness
Country of Origin China
Dimensions Diameter 10cm X H 11cm
Material Sustainably-sourced olivewood, borosilicate glass
About The Brand

Berard France

Based in the Drôme region of southern France, Berard has specialised in olivewood and Mediterranean wood products since 1892. Olive and other hardwood trees are individually selected to ensure strength and durability before the creation of products, always from branches that are removed as part of the standard pruning and maintenance cycle rather than cut or uprooted. Production takes place in local workshops across Italy, France, Spain, Albania and Tunisia—as close as possible to the source of the wood in order to minimise the carbon footprint and environmental impact.


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