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Big flavour in a compact package.

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Product Details

We believe that the Big Green Egg ceramic smoker BBQ is the best on the market. Its story began in 1974. American serviceman and entrepreneur Ed Fisher discovered kamado ceramic cookers overseas and then sought to introduce them back home. The Big Green Egg’s technology has continued to evolve over the years. From the hard-coat porcelain glaze to the state-of-the-art ceramics to the patented vent cap and draft door, the Big Green Egg is far ahead of its competition.

It's loved by professional chefs all over the world and our co-founders, Justin and David, each have one. We love that you can light your BBQ rain, shine, or snow…and be ready to cook in 12 minutes. You can get over 80 hours of barbecuing, baking, roasting and smoking with one bag of charcoal.

This Minimax Big Green Egg delivers big flavour in a compact package. What’s more, it’s portable. It’s perfect for camping or when you are on the move. It also works well as a companion for the Large or XL Egg to prepare several courses at once. The table base has integrated handles to assist in transport.

Included with the MiniMax Big Green Egg:

  • Firebox
  • Fire Ring & Fire Grate
  • Steel Cooking Grid
  • Ceramic Snuffer Cap
  • Dual Function Metal Top
  • Tel-True Thermometer Dome Gauge

You'll need at least two people to manoeuvre the Big Green Egg & Stand into position and complete the assembly. We find you don’t need more than a few basic tools, the instructions and a handy YouTube tutorial to easily put it together within 1-2 hours.

    We consider the Big Green Egg a lifetime investment that will give you guaranteed returns on the best of outdoor cooking.

    Who is the
    MiniMax Big Green Egg for?


    The MiniMax is great for urban balconies or for folks who like to BBQ when camping or picnicking.

    This MiniMax Big Green Egg can fit up to:

    • 4 burgers
    • 2 steaks
    • 1 chicken vertically
    • 1 rack of ribs vertically
    • or a 5kg turkey

    Why we love it

    'There’s simply no comparing the Big Green Egg, especially when it comes to flavour. The extraordinary quality of the ceramic, which many competitors skimp on, locks in moisture and supercharges the flame-grilled charcoal taste. It’s impossible to tire of the Egg, which our store teams can attest to after hundreds of demos. It only gets better with time.'

    Specifications & Care

    Country of Origin
    • EGG: Mexico
    • External EGG diameter INCLUDING the hinge and handle: 56cm
    • Cooking Surface Diameter: 33cm
    • Weight: 40kgs
    • Height: 50cm
    • EGG: NASA-grade ceramics
    • Table Base: Powdered steel
    About The Brand

    Big Green Egg

    The Big Green Egg Company was founded by Ed Fisher in 1974 and is based in Tucker, Georgia, USA. Their signature product is a kamado-style ceramic charcoal barbecue that is a very versatile cooking device which can grill, bake, smoke or slow-cook your food. Ed discovered kamado cookers when he was a serviceman based in Japan, and was so impressed with these cookers he introduced them back home.

    The Big Green Egg is manufactured from a ceramic, partly developed by NASA, that is designed to reflect heat and to allow temperatures of up to 650°C, making restaurant-quality bread or pizza easy to achieve at home. The temperature inside the Big Green Egg can be regulated between 70°C and 350°C, maintained to the degree even when the outdoor temperature is below freezing.

    The Big Green Egg is produced in several sizes and with numerous bases, tables, shelves and accessories to create your ideal setup, and the company sells various barbecue accessories, from lump charcoal to expanding shelves, that are optimised for their grills.

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