Big Green Egg Northwest Alder Grilling Planks


These grilling planks impart a smoky, nutty flavour on anything you cook on it, and are perfect for fish (as direct heat risks overcooking).

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Product Details

Cook food indirectly on these Big Green Egg Northwest Alder Grilling Planks. Soak the planks in water for at least an hour before placing them on the BBQ. The food will absorb the fragrant wood smoke as the plank slowly smoulders. Alder wood imparts a subtle, smoky and nutty flavour and makes it perfect for salmon, meats and other seafood. Organic, additive-free & 100% sustainably produced. Two planks per package. Fits XL, Large, Medium, Small & MiniMax EGGs.

Why we love it

'They really work like magic! And are a perfect gift for someone who likes to BBQ.'

Specifications & Care

Dimensions L 28cm X W 13cm
Material 100% American Alder
Weight 490g per pack
About The Brand

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg Company was founded by Ed Fisher in 1974 and is based in Tucker, Georgia, USA. Their signature product is a kamado-style ceramic charcoal barbecue that is a very versatile cooking device which can grill, bake, smoke or slow-cook your food. Ed discovered kamado cookers when he was a serviceman based in Japan, and was so impressed with these cookers he introduced them back home.

The Big Green Egg is manufactured from a ceramic, partly developed by NASA, that is designed to reflect heat and to allow temperatures of up to 650°C, making restaurant-quality bread or pizza easy to achieve at home. The temperature inside the Big Green Egg can be regulated between 70°C and 350°C, maintained to the degree even when the outdoor temperature is below freezing.

The Big Green Egg is produced in several sizes and with numerous bases, tables, shelves and accessories to create your ideal setup, and the company sells various barbecue accessories, from lump charcoal to expanding shelves, that are optimised for their grills.

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