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Our Borough Boards, designed by co-founder Justin in 2014 and made in Devon, are useful (and beautiful) in the kitchen as well as the table. One side has a groove in the perimeter for carving, while the other is flat.

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Product Details

Borough Kitchen co-founder Justin designed this carving board with furniture maker Orpago. It is made in Devon from a single piece of British olive ash, which is light in tone; each board has unique movements in grain pattern. The tone darkens over time and use, becoming even richer. The construction makes the board extremely stable and made to last a lifetime. It should be stored upright and flat to ensure this stability remains superior over time. It has a thick body (45mm) and is aged naturally for two years, then kiln-dried to remove moisture and maintain stability. The juice groove is deep and collects liquids at a pool on the bottom right of the board, so you can easily pour excess liquids into the sink for easy clean-up. Not only does this carving board look beautiful with a Sunday roast, ready to be portioned at the table, but it can sit on your countertop at all times for daily meal prep. It is not dishwasher-safe.

Why we love it

'I love taking this board right to the table for carving, especially the oversized, as it comfortably holds a large roast. I also like to use the flat side as a serving board for cauliflower cheese and other sides.' –Justin

About The Brand

Borough Kitchen

We’ve tested hundreds, if not thousands, of kitchen tools, and that’s made us hyper-attuned to details. It’s those details we consider in our own range of products, be it British-made wooden carving boards or high-absorbency tea towels. 

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