Epicurean Board Butter / 170g **

A food-safe conditioning butter that restores lustre to any wood boards and tableware, but especially designed for fan-favourite Epicurean boards and tools.
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Product Details

This Epicurean Board Butter is designed specifically to restore, condition, preserve and maintain the lustre of Epicurean's resin and paper composite boards, spatulas, spoons, and other tools, but it works just as well on wooden products too. Formulated and produced in Wisconsin, USA, this blend of mineral oil and beeswax has a butter-like consistency and is packaged in a tin that holds 170g and includes an applicator.

Why we love it

'Makes wooden boards, bowls, spoons, and bowls look good as new.'

Specifications & Care

Country of Origin USA
Material Mineral oil, beeswax
Weight 170g
About The Brand


Epicurean started as an offshoot of a company making skateboard ramps for local parks in the state of Wisconsin, USA, where they are still manufactured. The founders used the leftover material—a hard-wearing wood composite—to make chopping boards for friends and family, who raved about them so enthusiastically that they found their way into kitchens in the UK. The material is so popular that Epicurean also uses it to make cooking spoons, spatulas, and other kitchen accessories.

We love that this material is easy on your knife blades, resisting deep grooves where bacteria can flourish, as well as dishwasher-safe. (It’s very easy to clean in the sink too, as the smoothness ensures food and odours don’t stick.) Since they are heat safe up to 176C, you can place hot pans and lids on them while preparing or serving food. The stackable straight-edge design is exclusive to us in the UK.

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