Gastrolux Pyrex Lid Round

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Heat-resistant borosilicate glass lid to fit Gastrolux saucepans, saute pans, and frying pans. Oven safe up to 260°C.

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Please note: This piece is being discontinued by the supplier, or we are discontinuing it to keep our shelves fresh, which is why it is in our clearance. This does not impact the performance or warranty of the product. Your purchase may or may not include original packaging, or packaging may be damaged.

These domed glass lids fit Gastrolux saucepans, saute pans, and frying pans, allowing you to steam, braise, stew, poach, or simply trap in heat to reduce cooking times. Made from heat- and thermal-shock-resistant Pyrex borosilicate glass, every lid is oven safe up to 260°C. Transparent glass allows you to monitor ingredients without releasing built-up heat and moisture. The domed shape increases moisture retention, and the knob handle gently releases pressure, helping to prevent spillage. There are no hard-to-clean crevices that make clean-up a chore.

The 36cm lid features a metal rim and is designed to fit the Gastrolux Non-Stick Wok.

  • Oven Compatible.
    Oven Compatible

Why we love it

See-through lids let you check on a soup, stew, or stock without letting all of that good moisture out.

Specifications & Care

Care Hand wash
Dimensions Diameter 16cm
Material Borosilicate glass, Bakelite
Warranty Glass lids are not covered by the Gastrolux warranty
Country of Origin France
About The Brand


Gastrolux is a family-owned Danish manufacturer that has dedicated the last 35 years to the research and development of high-quality non-stick cookware. The fruits of these labours most notably include Biotan™, Gastrolux’s patented non-stick technology, for which they have received a number of accolades. Gastrolux cookware is, indeed, exceptionally non-stick, and unmatched in terms of ease of use and cleaning. Additionally, thanks to their cast aluminium construction, Gastrolux pots and pans heat evenly and consistently. Handy removable handles make them oven safe, and an integrated magnetic base means they’re optimised for induction hobs.

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