Jars Epure Shallow Wide Bowl / 29cm / Quartz * *

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A wide, shallow serving bowl from Jars' Epure range, made in France using time-honoured and eco-friendly techniques.

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Please note: This piece is being discontinued by the supplier, or we are discontinuing it to keep our shelves fresh, which is why it is in our clearance. This does not impact the performance or warranty of the product. Your purchase may or may not include original packaging, or packaging may be damaged.

Established in 1857, Jars Ceramistes makes ultra-durable plates, bowls, cups, and serving pieces in distinct colours and shapes. They fire clay just once at the high temperature of 1280°C rather than the standard three times – an eco-friendly practice that results in hard-wearing ceramics that resist cracking, chipping and fading. They hold up to frequent microwave and dishwasher-use, even in professional kitchens. This Shallow Wide Bowl (29cm) from Jars' Epure range features a matte cream exterior and a non-porous glazed interior with a 'scorched' effect at the centre, lending it an organic and contemporary look.

This piece can be pre-heated in a low oven (max 150°C) from room temperature. It should not be used for cooking. At 200°C, particularly when using oil, the crackled-effect on the glaze can ‘open’ and let the colours of cooked foods in, changing the appearance in a way that's impossible to remove.

Why we love it

'Jars plates, bowls and cups aren't just beautiful. They are strong enough to withstand daily use in home or restaurant kitchens, maintaining their lustre after countless dishwasher cycles.'

About The Brand


Jars’ history spans more than 150 years. Founded by a potter named Pierre Jars, deeply guarded craft secrets have been passed down through generations to make out-of-the-ordinary ceramics and glazes in their factory in Anneyron, France. This know-how has earned Jars prestigious EPV (French Companies of Living Heritage) status.

Since nature is a constant source of inspiration for Jars, they take care to implement eco-friendly practices like:

  • Firing their products only once at high heat, significantly reducing energy use
  • Recycling water and china clay mixes, ensuring no pollutants extend to the factory’s surrounding areas
  • Recycling exhaust heat from the kilns for use in the biscuit (clay) dryers

We love the soft, organic shapes of their Maguelone range, as well as the artfully ‘cracked’ glazes of their Tourron range.

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